Truckserv Repair — Process Truck Repairs in Unanderra NSW
Broken-down truck have you out of work? The implications of a standstill vehicle can be vast, which is why our mechanics work around the clock to provide quick, trustworthy repairs every day of the week.

We are proud to be Illawarra’s go-to truck repairer, attending to the needs of all heavy vehicles throughout the region. From general truck and trailer maintenance, to rego checks, repairs and 24/7 breakdown services, you can rely on us to provide the expertise you require.

Our Unanderra workshop is stacked with the latest mechanical technology to ensure you’re never off the road for too long. Our location is also home to hot shower facilities and a waiting area, ideal for long-haul truck drivers who have been on the road all day.

Truckserv’s mechanics are committed to making sure you travel the country in a safe, wellmaintained vehicle. Contact our team to get your heavy vehicle restored to its original condition.